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DaurEsia Holds Environment Workshop with TORAJAMELO

To strengthen our partnership with our customers, on 13 September 2023 DaurEsia Jaya Trimegah (DaurEsia) held an environmental education workshop for the management and staff of TORAJAMELO, a slow, ethical, sustainable, lifestyle brand whose core pillar is the design and development of sustainable weaving practices that preserve the authenticity of the craft while staying relevant to the evolving market. Over the past year and a half DaurEsia has been working with TORAJAMELO to showcase the beauty of its handwoven fabrics through promotional materials such as gift boxes made from DaurEsia recycled paper.

Both TORAJAMELO and DaurEsia are focused on creating sustainable ecosystems — TORAJAMELO’s aim is to preserve Indonesia’s indigenous heritage through sustainable practices, while DaurEsia’s vision is to create innovative, creative products out of recycled packaging waste. The workshop therefore highlighted the importance of sustainable waste management solutions to promote the circular economy and create value out of packaging waste.

The interactive session was attended by 13 enthusiastic TORAJAMELO colleagues including three interns from Singapore, as well as five DaurEsia representatives including a high school intern from HighScope Indonesia. Through quizzes, games and videos, participants shared knowledge and experiences on how to promote a sustainable lifestyle. At the end of the workshop TORAJAMELO staff committed to actions that will help reduce their impacts on the environment.